About Us

When our Founder formed the Company bearing his name in 1974 he had a multi-generational family legacy of construction traced back as far as the Holland Tunnel and the upbringing from a Father who was engrained in construction. Driven by the desire to elevate his craft to new levels, he did not imagine the longevity and stratospheric niche that TRWurster would reach decades into the future.

With a geographic focus in West Los Angeles (namely South Malibu, Pacific Palisades, the Platinum Triangle, and surrounding areas), TRWurster has journeyed through time improving landmarks as familiar as the Kirkeby Mansion, The Manor, and the Playboy Mansion, and new construction of similar intensity, diversity, and scale such as the Robb Report Ultimate Home 2011 and La Belle Vie.

Vigorously participating in the development of elite enclaves such as Beverly Park and the reinvention of luxe neighborhoods such as Billionaire Beach and Trousdale Estates, it is impossible to biograph the happenings of TRWurster in a few paragraphs. Without allowing our history to define our future, we continue forward.

Over 40 years later TRWurster is still family owned and operated by a subsequent generation, and our proficient staff is known for their courtesy and professionalism. Although the bar has been set high, it continues to rise.


We rarely encounter a competitor who has half of our age and experience. Why do we persist? Because this is our craft, this is what we do, and we are good at it. In terms of experience, service, and quality, there simply is no equal. As we’ve worked alongside the most inventive Architects, the most sophisticated Engineers, and a wide array of adept Craftsmen sourced locally and globally, we’ve been inspired. Inspiration that has driven our dexterities to new levels, inspiration that has caused us to invent, re-invent, and evolve. While pursing knowledge and education directly we’ve indirectly accumulated a trove of cognizance and wisdom by osmosis from those whom we’ve worked with, and we dispense this information without reservation to our clientele. Why would you want anything less than this level of focused intensity on your project?


The infinite loop is an appropriate symbol of the road we travel. Again and again we produce the structure of a home. Traditional values of honesty, integrity, and truth are irreplaceable, these we hold in high esteem. This forms the outer rail of our path, dictating and holding our pattern of operation in a predictable manner. With such a history though, we do not allow traditional methods to constrict our perspective.

As we come around the loop yet again, it would be easy to assume that the path we are about to travel is the same as the last. Our experience has proven to us that this concept is wrong. When we approach a project, we are careful not to allow our traditional means and methods to limit our tactics. With an open mind we approach each project as an individual, each with its own constraints of structure, architecture, management, and budget. Just because we’ve done something before doesn’t immediately dictate that the process should be repeated. To excel and refine, one must always query oneself. What may have once been extreme suddenly can become ordinary when the next layer of possibility is exposed by an innovator. The limits which we place upon our processes and ourselves do change if we remain open to this possibility, and those who are open to change improve through time. What we once perceived to be truth may have in fact been theory. If we do not question our limits and validate our conclusions, then progress cannot be made. Our ongoing portfolio of projects ranging from palatial estates to small remodels keeps us nimble and aware of how to accommodate a variable synthesis of client driven adaptation and need.

When TRWurster began, the tools of communication were wired phone lines and typewriters with the occasional copy machine. In the lifetime of our company land lines attached answering machines, pagers and fax machines arrived, cell phones became ordinary, and now internet connected mobile devices are prolific. In time these internet connected devices aggregated and replaced all of the previous communication technologies, and the industry distilled the hardware into a hand held device. Hammers became nail guns, water levels became lasers. String lines and vellum became computers and scanners. With the wholesale adoption of computerized drafting tools by designers, we found it appropriate to adopt the same standard.

After developing our Computer Aided Design (CAD) procedures internally for decades, this has become an integral part of our process. An elevated level of design should predicate an elevated approach to construction. We respond not only in kind, but we have excelled in this arena. We have found a way to incorporate 3D Building Information Modeling (BIM) of the structure into most of our projects as a valued added service. Normally this method is only deployed on the largest of projects, we have developed a process to apply this proven procedure to our diverse group of unique custom structures. We don’t operate in an electronic bubble isolated from the constraints and conditions of the site, the field is what we know. We’ve worked backward from what is actual to converge upon that which is theoretical, we’ve leveraged this medium of information to discern intent, and we’ve married the methodologies. By using electronic means to interpret, coordinate, and direct the field operations this allows us to communicate, collaborate, and plan with our clients and designers on an entirely new plane of aptitude and efficiency. We’ve found ways to utilize these tools that makes the previously impossible readily attainable.

As building codes and structural requirements became more rigorous, the selection of structural materials hybridized accordingly to meet increasingly stringent design parameters. It is now uncommon for us to work on a project utilizing purely wood structural components, and even structures that are predominately wood are rife with metallic connectors. We have become proficient at providing and installing a steel and rough carpentry structural package, and our clients find an unprecedented level of coordination when we are contracted to provide both trades. We find steel to be simply another medium of expressing structure, and this has enhanced our understanding of our projects and has consequently widened the loop which we travel.

With the unremitting pace of technology we are constantly experimenting, continuously adjusting, perpetually developing. We’ve integrated Point Cloud laser scanning into our process, our entire staff is connected to the internet with smart devices. We regularly find our imagination to be unfulfilled by the products available on the market, so we develop our own software to supplement and manage our internal processes and to explore new frontiers. As we continue to leverage technology to provide a more predictable and precise product, our journey continues. We do not allow our focused infinite loop of travel to keep us from innovating, progressing, and widening the scope encompassed by our company.

What if this technology seems overwhelming? We contend that no structural installation specialist understands string lines and paper better than us; this is the foundation of the industry, this is the essential form and basis for what is modern. Old school or new school, we find the method most appropriate to the project we are working on, and we apply a blend of technique specially formulated for each project to produce peak results for our clients. Our aim is simple; understand our client’s parameters and then provide them with the optimum experience. We strive to find good clients, and then to fulfill their needs to form an alliance, to provide comradery, and to facilitate the functionality and efficacy of their construction team. Please allow us to join you on our quest for excellence!