Trwurster Design
How do you squeeze 4 motorcycles, 4 bicycles, and everything you might find in a garage attic into a existing 2 car garage with flat 7' ceilings while leaving room for a workshop, an overflow area for entertaining, a media center, while still being sure to leave room for an occasional jam session or a conference/training event? A vaulted ceiling squeezed up underneath the existing roof envelope with 4 electric winches opened up enough floor space to allow the garage to comfortably house all of the vehicles while allowing ample storage space for several bicycles and an attic storage mezzanine. Custom cabinetry creates a environment friendly for a functional and practical workspace which also doubles as an excellent platform for entertaining. A durable and easy to clean epoxy floor allows the space to polish up quickly for alternate use, ductless heating and cooling makes the space a lot more comfortable when the space is being utilized for something other than a parking garage. From concept to completion, this bespoke solution for the necessary function of vehicle storage while allowing infinite possibilities to add temporary bonus space to a small home has proven to serve the needs of its occupants in delightful way!