As a integral part of the construction team TRWurster was engaged to assist with the procurement and organization of multiple building components in conjunction with the structural subcontract providing multiple on demand services to the client on demand for this upscale 34 unit apartment building. Leveraging the BIM developed by TRWurster to carefully coordinate code requirements and to fine tune the structure so as to allow the MEPs and other building systems to hit their mark with predicability and planning, this high end residential endeavor in an upscale area is poised to raise the bar on apartment living in this hot spot of development near Warner Center. (Value $19,000,000)


A confidential client who recently purchased a midcentury building less than a quarter mile from the Silverlake Rervoir used TRWurster as a construction management partner to complete a renovation and reinvention of the primary unit on the 5 unit apartment building. Services included the complete refurbishment of the spacious unit including a complete removal and replacement of existing HVAC and MEP systems along with an upgraded electrical service working within the constraints of the existing building, the existing conditions, the other building occupants, and the governing agencies. TRW proposed and executed clever solutions to existing noncompliant railing and fenestration systems to complete the project in a code compliant fashion without compromising the architectural intent while taking care not to intrude on the existing vintage motif of the building. (Value 2,010,000)


A confidential client leveraged TRWurster’s team to take the project with partially completed foundations by others through to completion. This challenging project included two buildings with exposed boardform, rough carpentry, and structural steel components all of which TRWurster installed and executed at an unusually high level of detail and precision. Coordinating the many challenges of the site and existing conditions, this concept was brought to a reality so that the clients could enjoy these long awaited spaces! (Value 1,200,000)